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Every effort is made to protect the integrity and safety of data conform to the DSGVO. The following explanations are ment to help understand the usage of data when visiting this website, when contacting me through email or when doing business with me in general.


Cookies are small pieces of text sent to your browser when you visit a site, they do not harm your computer and do not contain viruses. They serve a variety of functions, like enabling us to remember certain information you provide to us as you navigate between pages. There are technical necessary cookies (session-cookies) that will be deleted when closing the browser and additional cookies like analytic cookies that help identify who is viewing the content of a website. On this website cookies are used for the following purposes:

Authentication, Customization, Security,  Performance

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Contract data (e.g. object of agreement, duration, usage rights), payment data (bank account number, payment history) and personal data (address, email, telephone number) of my clients and prospective clients are necessary to fullfill any contracted services, maintain business relationships, marketing and do business in general and are used for this purpose.


The web hosting services used have the purpose to provide the following:
Infrastructure, security, storage space, database services, technical maintenance and an online presense with a photography portfolio.

or this reason my hosting provider and I are using inventory-, contact-, content-, contract data, meta- and communication data of clients and interested parties to assure justifiable provision of content and services in an efficient and secure manner based on Art.6 Abs.1 lit. f DSGVO in conjunction with Art.28 DSGVO.


The hosting provider and I log access to the server, on which this service is hosted, based on Art. 6 Abs. 1 lit. f DSGVO temporalily. These server log-files contain name of the visited website, visited page/file, date and time of the visit, transferred amount of data, feedback of successfull request, browser type and version, users OS, referrer URL, IP-address and the requesting provider. In case of legal issues the necessary data will be saved for as long as needed to solve the legal issue.

To deliver this functionality and record activities around site management, the following information is captured: user email address, user role, user login, user display name, and local user IDs, the activity to be recorded, the site ID of the site on which the activity takes place, the site’s Jetpack version, and the timestamp of the activity. Some activities may also include the actor’s IP address (login attempts, for example) and user agent.

Activity traCKED

Login attempts/actions, post and page update and publish actions, comment/pingback submission and management actions, plugin and theme management actions, widget updates, user management actions, and the modification of other various site settings and options. Retention duration of activity data depends on the site’s plan and activity type.


Client data is being used in the scope of the offered services that contain consulting, planing, conceptionalising, designing, realising, finalising, saving, transmitting and printing photographic images and art work. The type of data used is described above in the „BUSINESS RELATED DATA“ section. The purpose of using this data is to provide services to my clients based on Art.6 Abs.1 lit. b DSGVO, Art.6 Abs.1 lit f DSGVO, Art.28 DSGVO

Disclosure of data handling processes will be made only if necessary upon request in case of a contract. In case of a contract data will be handled as requested by the client and in conformity to the Art.28 DSGVO.

COment likes

In order to process a comment like, the following information is used: user ID/username (you must be logged in to use this feature), the local site-specific user ID (if the user is signed in to the site on which the like occurred), and a true/false data point that tells us if the user liked a specific comment. If you perform a like action from one of our mobile apps, some additional information is used to track the activity: IP address, user agent, timestamp of event, blog ID, browser language, country code, and device info.


When contacting me via email, telephone or social media personal data of the user will be handled to process the enquiry based on Art.6 Abs.1 lit b DSGVO. Enquiries will be deleten when no longer needed. No data will be given to third parties.


Data Used: Please refer to the appropriate Google Analytics documentation for the specific type of data it collects. For sites running WooCommerce (also owned by Automattic) and this feature simultaneously and having all purchase tracking explicitly enabled, purchase events will send Google Analytics the following information: order number, product id and name, product category, total cost, and quantity of items purchased. Google Analytics does offer IP anonymization, which can be enabled by the site owner.

Activity Tracked: This feature sends page view events (and potentially video play events) over to Google Analytics for consumption. For sites running WooCommerce-powered stores, some additional events are also sent to Google Analytics: shopping cart additions and removals, product listing views and clicks, product detail views, and purchases. Tracking for each specific WooCommerce event needs to be enabled by the site owner.

In case of an online store, Analytics includes revenue, conversion, and cart abandonment data so the site owner can track how business is doing and identify opportunities for growth.

infinite scroll

Data Used: In order to record page views via Stats (which must be enabled for page view tracking here to work) with additional loads, the following information is used: IP address, user ID (if logged in), username (if logged in), user agent, visiting URL, referring URL, timestamp of event, browser language, country code.

Activity Tracked: Page views will be tracked with each additional load (i.e. when you scroll down to the bottom of the page and a new set of posts loads automatically). If the site owner has enabled Google Analytics to work with this feature, a page view event will also be sent to the appropriate Google Analytics account with each additional load.


Social media accounts are used to inform about my services, stay in contact with clients and interested parties and communicate with my followers. When visiting these social media platforms, data handling is in the responsibility of the respective owners. I will not take responsibility for data handling on any social media platform.
To visit social media accounts WordPress provides graphical elements, also known as icons and those are used on this website to help visitor in navigating through the site. Also, when using this online service (hyperlinks) the visitors browser connects to the server of the linked to social media account. Social media platform may build user profiles based on their surfing habbits. I have no access to this data and cannot provide any information about its handling.
I only inform the visitor of my website about this possibility.


In case you follow the link to my Facebook site certain data may be transferred to:
Facebook Inc., 1 Hacker Way, Menlo Park, California 94025, USA
Facebook Ireland Ltd., 4 Grand Canal Square, Grand Canal Harbour, Dublin 2, Ireland. (if viewer lives outside of USA or Canada)
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In case you follow the link to my Instagram account certain data may be transferred to:
Instagram LLC., 1601 Willow Rd, Menlo Park, CA 94025, USA
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In case you follow the link to my 500px account certain data may be transferred to:
20 Duncan Street, Suite 100, Toronto, ON M5H 3G8, Canada
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This website may contain links to third-party websites and the usage of links and embeded content is based on Art.6 Abs.1 lit.f DSGVO. I have no influence whatsoever on the information on these websites and accept no guaranty for its correctness. The content of such third-party sites is the responsibility of the respective owners/providers.
At the time third-party websites were linked to this website, no grounds whatsoever of any likely contravention of the law were found. Any link shall promptly be deleted upon becoming aware that it violates the law.

Due to technical restrictions it is necessary to transfer the visitors IP-address to a third-party in order for them to display their content (e.g. fonts) on the visitors browser.


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