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Langkawi – Malaysia

My next station was Langkawi, a little island in the north west of Malaysia. The only reason why I chose to go there was to catch a plane to Singapore but decided to stay there two nights so I could say „I’ve been there and have seen the island“. Since I was there to see something the first thing after checking in and getting some money from the ATM was to rent a scooter and explore the island. First trip, Sky Bridge.

You need to take a cable car to the top of the mountain and then can walk on the bridge for about 2-3 minutes before reaching the end. The walk is very short and it took longer to get up there by cable car than walking the bridge. I wished they had made it 3-4 times as long so visitors could enjoy it more. The view was really nice though so I enjoyed it.

By the time I was back at the hostel, it was time for sunset on the beach. This is the main beach, called Pantai Cenang and it is very busy. The sand however feels like flower again which I really enjoyed!

Since I like more secluded beaches I drove to another beach in the north the next morning

The beach I chose is called Pantai Tanjung in the north east and I shared it with aprox. 20 other people. GREAT! This is what I was looking for.

Since I was already in the north of the island I decided to extend my little road trip and visited another beach to the north west…

… and stopped at places I found to be interesting

This particular beach is called „Skull Beach“. The legend sais there was a sea daemon that swallowed countless ships and the poor sailors skulls were swept ashore here. Another legend no less theatric. According to it, there was a mystical monster Garuda and many warriors fought it in a fierce battle. The results could be seen in the skulls of the fallen warriors. The next legend is rather realistic. There used to be a prison nearby and many of the escaping prisoners would not survive the shark infested waters and so their skulls would end up here. Today, there were no skulls and only a beautiful beach on the one side…

… but as nearly everywhere there is another side. The less beautiful, more trashy side. People seem to not value or not care about the beauty they have at their doorsteps.

One thing is for sure, monkeys do care about your belongings and steal everything that looks like food.

For me it was time to head back to the hostel, get something to eat, return the scooter (which by the way felt like driving a cardboard box on wheels… horrific!)

And that‘ when I realised something I came across in Central America also. Signs made professionally but somehow someone didn’t bother to google how „floor“ was spelled and so this hostel is the one with the first floo 😀

The next morning I took a Taxi to the airport and went on my journey to Singapore, got another stamp in my passport that said I was in Malaysia and that’s another one off my bucket list.

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