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Koh Lipe

Of course I did different things too on Koh Lipe other than diving so here are some impressions what to expect when visiting the beautiful little island Koh Lipe in the very south west of Thailand.

On arrival I was greeted with this:

Koh Lipe is sitting right in a national park and therefore a fee applies. No way around that, that’s what you have to pay.

Next thing is Walking street, the core of the island and a very busy street

Don’t let yourself get fooled, it is only called Walking Street but many scooters will run up and down this little street in which barely four people can walk next to each other and it is maybe half a kilometre long. It is a very small island after all. Locals do prefer to tackle this horrific distance by scooter though 😉

In this street you can find nearly everything the island has to offer, food, clothing, accommodation, bars, you name it.

On my first day I made myself familiar with the island and did the walk to sunrise beach. It actually offers a sunrise but if you walk way to the north-west the beach makes a turn and offers a nice sunset also! So I did the walk for a sunset… together with half the island 😀

On the other side of the island you find Pattaya Beach which has very fine, flour-like sand.

and also a nice view of the long tail boats on the shore and yachts anchoring nearby.

At night time the beaches are also quite busy and offer great entertainment.

The above image shows the view from the balcony towards Maya Bar and Walking Street, so I was right in the middle of the islands life.

After four days came what had to come… departure day. I did feel sad leaving the island as I really liked it a lot here! But there are more places to see so off I went to immigration office – at the beach (of course!)- and waited for my ferry to pick me up.

It seems I could have taken the plane too, as Air Asia, a budget airline has an office here including a check-in point – at the beach (of course!). No, there is no airport on Koh Lipe but you could check-in here, get your stuff and yourself transported to the next airport and then fly off to your next destination, if you fancy so.

For me my next destination was Langkawi, Malaysia. See you there.

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