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ScubaDiving at Koh Lipe

My journey to Koh Lipe started at Koh Lanta and was on a speedboat that took about 3 hours. I was warned about speedboats not being overly comfortable but it is always best to make your own experiences. I have to say though, some advice is true whether you want to make your own experience or not. If you have time, then take a slower ferry with AC, enjoy your own seat and not get crammed into a small boat jumping from wave to wave. Ferries are way more comfortable 😉

Upon arrival at Koh Lipe pier, I was asked a question I notoriously answered with “no”, as Thais always want to sell you something. Wrong answer as it turned out because the question was if I had a ticket for the national park in which Koh Lipe is seated and I was politely asked to buy a ticket straight away. Every visitor needs to pay 200 Baht (5,40 €) and the ticket is valid for 5 days. I was told it is for walking on the island, swimming, snorkeling and diving… perfect, I thought! That’s what I am here for. Wrong again 🙂

What I found out later was that my ticket is only for visiting the island and snorkeling. If you want to go diving you have to pay another 200 Baht national park fee. This is something the Thais should reconsider, it is simply not visitor friendly but then Thailand has sooo many tourists… if some of them feel annoyed and choose to not come back, Thailand still has many more tourists to live from. I know we are talking about 5,40 Euros here, so it is not a big deal but the thing is I would have liked to check in my bag first, then go to the national park office and have a choice of tickets to buy and not find out later that my bought ticket is not valid for what I want to do. It would have left a way more welcoming impression on me but what can you do… Too late to change that now so I might as well go for a dive. That’s what I came to Koh Life for anyway 😉

After some reasearch I went to Forra Diving, located in Walking Street and booked a PADI Refresh Course and added two more fun dives to my day on the water. I can say this was by far my best diving experience and I was lucky to have brought my GoPro along with me so now I can show you some underwater pictures.

This is my Divemaster telling me that we have a current and we should stick low to the ground.

What followed next was simply beautiful!

The last images with the purple coral is Stonehenge a reef about 100 meters long and 5 meters wide ranging from 5 to about 25 meters depth. I also did many videos underwater but those I have to edit first. Since I am not here to work but enjoy my life it might take a while before my diving video is online.

That is it for now. I’m getting ready to hit the beach and will post some more photos of the island in a later post. C’ya later.

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