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Maeklong / Amphawa

Since two famous markets are rather close to Bangkok I decided to do a half-day trip to Maeklong to see the train market. You know, the market that takes place right at the train railways and gets partially broken down when the train arrives just to be set-up again after the train has passed – 8 times a day. On arrival I was faced with what seemed like half China, apart from China itself I have never seen more chinese than here. Everyone including me stumbled along the railway to get a good look at what the local market vendors had to offer. Scary to see all that fish & meat, fresh and dried lying in baskets in the scorching heat. My stomach still felt a little upset about me drinking a frappe… Frappe made of coffee and ice and ice made out of tap water… grrrrreat!

Once the train approached it got really busy and all the vendors packed up, the tourists tried to get a good spot to see the train roll by at an ultra slow pace. I arrived a little to late to get a good spot so I waited about 20 minutes until the train left the station again and had position myself perfectly. It is fascinating to see how the vendors pack up and re-set-up every time. I guess this only still exists because of tourists.

Next stop was Amphawa floating market. Since I arrived in Asia I wanted to see a floating market and I my expectations were high. Sadly, as is often the case with high expectations, the weren’t met. I was really disappointed because it was just another market and the only real floating thing about this market were the tourists boats… I spotted only 5 boats selling stuff, 2 of them catering to tourists. I did expect to see many boats floating around with vegetables, spices and other goods to be traded but that was just not the case. It is however a nice village and as described in many other travel blogs a very traditional looking one. I had the feeling this market was already over. The tour was organised by the hostel I stayed in and was scheduled for afternoon to evening. If I go there again, I make sure to be there early in the morning, less tourists and maybe more floating vendors.

Here are a few actual floating vendors

Everything else took place in the houses next to the water

The houses really looked from a past century and very traditional

All in all it was a very interesting day and my personal highlight was filming the train roll past the vendors and me in 20-30cm distance.

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