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Wat Po and Wat Benchamabophit

Fancy names for fancy temples. The next day I made my way to see the Kings Temple – Wat Po and the Marble Temple Wat Benchamabophit. The later is actually my favourite as there are way less people. And as I recently read in another travel blog, indians hold the world record in skipping the line and being annoyingly present in other peoples shots. Yep, I second that! It took me the better part of an half an hour to get the title image without any indians standing in front of me. Now I don’t mind that but it got annoying when the couple were done with taking their photos and then sat right in front of my camera and had a lengthy conversation… as if there is no other place to sit… Due to my good manners I stayed quiet but I was tempted to ask them to move the butts out of the way… for sure!

So here are a few impressions of Wat Po

and Wat Benchamabophit

After having walked through the temples I just walked the streets and came across an area where a lot of wood work was done. Mostly for tourist souvenirs that later function as perfidy dust collectors. I lost interest quite quickly until I saw a carpenter at work in his garage.

Can you imagine working in a place this crowded and seemingly unorganised? I am very sure he knows exactly where his tools and materials are but to me this just looks like a big mess.

Later that night I did what I was looking forward to the most when coming to Thailand – local food. So after a quick shower at the hostel I hit the streets again and dove right in… street food. I love it unfortunately my stomach had a different opinion on that so I had to deal with an upset stomach for a few days but it seems all good now. Anyway, this is how many locals have dinner

I must say, I am delighted by the many different choices of the original Thai cuisine. It is in many cases quite spicy or downright HOT AS HELL!

Since I like it hot, I am fine with it 😉

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  1. Mac März 7, 2019

    Nice pic of the marble temple 🙂

  2. René März 12, 2019

    Thanks, I always try my best


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