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Dubai Fountain Show

Every night in the evening many people gather at the Dubai Mall to witness a very nice light show right in front of Burj Khalif. The light show on its own is nice but also the sound quality coming from the Meyer Sound speakers is amazing and of really high quality. How do I know? I met a dutch sound engineer at the hostel in Dubai and we hung around most of the time. He recognised the speakers 😉

The fountain is built in a way so the water can make a choreography suited to the music that is very relaxing but that on its own is not enough. The light show continues onto Burj Khalifa. Just to get an idea of how immensely high this tower is – it is currently the highest building in the world with 828 meter and what seems fully equipped with millions of LEDs and nicely animated.

Overall this was a fantastic show and absolutely free! I would have loved to stay longer and wait 30min for the next choreography but I had a flight to catch… I left the Dubai Mall, hopped on the metro and headed back to the airport where I had dropped off my backpack earlier. Next destination – Bangkok Thailand. see you there 🙂

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