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Atlantis the Palm

One of the most luxurious hotels in the world is the Atlantis the Palm, located in Dubai and it sure is impressive! Since an overnight stay is out of the question, it simply is way out of my league, I initially though about doing a scuba dive in its massive Atlantis pool which was very tempting. It does come at a steep price also so instead I went for a good alternative in my opinion. I bought myself a ticket for the Atlantis Lost Chamber Aquarium and I was again impressed.

It has 22 windows and several hallways giving an impression on how Atlantis is being imagined by an architect


They really made an effort to give an appealing impression on a myth that may just be that 😉 But the amount of different fish and sea creatures where simply amazing!

Later I came to the big Atlantis pool with its massive windows easily measuring 5×8 meters and through them I could witness the fish feeding feast. This was very funny to watch as the fish were really excited and the diver had difficulties getting all the fish of his back. They were literally encompassing him.

This is also the pool that you can dive through as can be seen in the following picture.

but for me the most exciting part was to see so many different species including stingrays and of course sharks

Overall, this was a very joyful afternoon after a very successful start into the day at the Dubai beach.

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