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Last night in Dubai

My last night in Dubai I wanted to go to Mayden Bridge and do my best to photograph it at blue hour but it did come with some difficulties. The bridge is the VIP access to Mayden Racecourse and is opened only for VIPs like the king. It is forbidden and gated for the rest of the population. Since I came across quite a few restrictions and security officers getting smart about them I decided against the bridge and went for dinner instead… and for a nice hot bath in my hotel room. GREAT! 😀

I had checked-in Dusit Thani hotel, across the street from Shangri La and was greeted with this view of the lobby.

and the central foyer

looking down on the 24th floor from the 31st, where I stayed.

I didn’t go though without setting up my camera to do a timelapse of the view from my hotel room towards the city 😉

The next morning I woke up just in time for sunrise and it actually was a sunrise that deserves its name

These were just quick smartphone shots with no time for editing and therefore the reflection of the glass is visible but it is a spectacular view nevertheless!

After that was done I took my last shower in a foreign country and went to the restaurant for a breakfast and boy what a breakfast that was! I payed horrific 9 € for this breakfast so I had to make the best of it 😀

Round 1

Round 2

Round 3

Round 4

Round 5

I had a 1,5 hour long breakfast and then I was stuffed! No more… but it was delicious and the best breakfast I had in the last 3 months! Dusit Thani, you have one hell of a good breakfast on offer 🙂

As soon as I re-packed everything it was time to head to the airport with an Airbus A380-800 waiting for me pointing its nose towards home. I couldn’t wait!

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