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Abu Dhabi – Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque

So I arrived in Abu Dhabi and coming from such a great city as Dubai I must admit I was a little disappointed in Abu Dhabi. The flair just isn’t as exciting as it was in Dubai. The buildings, not so tall, not so fancy. The city as of now doesn’t have a metro so getting around is more difficult, you have to rely on busses which I don’t like as means of public transport. They fill up too quickly and their routes are so various… they are just not my preferred type of transport.

Anyway, Abu Dhabi does have a few things to offer and one in particular was the main reason I came here. The Sheikh Zeyed Grand Mosque!

The inner courtyard is not accessible at least not for non-muslims. This I would hear quite often during my visit there.

From 9am to 3pm the mosque is open to the public during Ramadan. After 3pm all non-muslim visitors have to leave and the mosque is closed down. I understand the closure for the prayer rooms but not quite for the surrounding park but it is what it is.

As I wanted to explore the whole surrounding of the mosque I was told this is off limits. Further to the left would be the VIP entrance and only royals would be allowed there.

The inside prayer rooms looked very decorative and impressive!

While the mosque was really impressive and nice to walk around, it was very difficult to make nice images. The sun was glaring and the white marmor doing its best to reflect the sun. Overall I would say this is a must see but maybe not during Ramadan 😉

Opening hours in the rest of the year is 9am to 11pm.

Once again, I was disappointed I couldn’t take the photos in the time I wanted to and so I might have to come back. Too bad the rest of the city is so non-impressive. After 3 nights I left for Dubai.

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