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Back to Bangkok

So after 30 days in the Philippines our visa expired and we had to (and wanted to) leave the Philippines. It was nice, very nice at times but also quite exhausting. The islands are not so easily accessible as we thought it would be and the whole journey is starting to get to me. I am happy going back home at this point… but not quite yet.

First my flight would take me to Bangkok where I would stay a few nights and pick up my tailored suit… if I found the tailor again… The story behind this is kind of weird 😉 2 months ago I was told this story about a national festival going on and ending the next day and today is my lucky day… A governmental payed Tuktuk driver would drive me around for a few hours showing me places and driving me to a tailor (the one that I had a suit made for me). During my journey I lost the receipt and had no idea about the name of the tailor, nor the address. All I knew was how the store front would look like with a parking space and a 2 lane road with a skyrail in front of it. Shouldn’t be too hard to find in a city like Bangkok, right?! – LOL! I walked the city streets finding everything from local markets…

… local vendors repairing or building electrical motors…

… by hand!

I found other curiosities like this motorbike

and this metal workshop. I walked Surkhumvit Road up and down and no luck…

The next day I simply asked a few Tuktuk drivers, told them about their story how they lure tourists into stores and me looking for a specific store. One driver asked the next, that one asked another and another and finally one driver showed me a picture on his phone that looked very much like the tailor I bought my suit at.

Since it is tailor made, I couldn’t just pick it up back then but had to wait for it to be made. I was on my journey and now back in Bangkok wanted to pick it up. Well, as it turned out, the Tuktuk driver was right and brought me to the correct store. Finally!

From then on I could enjoy my time in Bangkok and found other curiosities like this crocodile street food stand.

This area is very close to Khao San Road which is a crazy place but has super tasty street food – yummy!

So my days in Bangkok were counted and I had done everything here that I wanted. It was time to move on and fly to Dubai…if I wouldn’t miss my flight which I nearly did by 12 hours! Luckily I was chatting with an irish fellow and during our talk it occurred to me that I wouldn’t not have another night to stay in Bangkok but had to be at the airport. In the end it all went well but for a minute I was in shock! How could I be so stupid and mess up „am“ and „pm“?!? Well, it al went well in the end so who cares 😀

Of I went to Dubai!

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