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Once we were in Coron I had to dry my bag before I could re-use it. Luckily I had Silica Gel packs inside that stacked up a lot of the humidity. After that was done, we headed out into the little town of Coron.

HOP Hostel in Coron has the best beds I have ever come across in a Hostel and rival with high-class Hotels. We were lucky to gather 2 of the last 3 remaining beds and even more lucky them being king size beds – LOL! King size beds in a hostel 🙂

The view from their rooftop bar isn’t too bad either

You don’t stay in Coron to walk around the town though, the surrounding islands and lagoons are the big attraction here. We booked ourselves a full day tour with a mixture of lagoons, beaches and snorkelling.

First destination was „Barracuda Lake“ to which you have to enter through this rock formation.

The water is super warm, as everywhere in the Philippines, and super clear!

You could even go scuba diving in this lake but I didn’t. I have spent a lot of money at this point and I wanted to cut down on the costs.

Instead I just snorkelled around the lake and took a few photos with my GoPro. From a certain angle you could see the sun striking fantastic streaks of light into the water.

Second stop was a Japanese ship week from the Second World War, a cargo ship that got to close to the riff. It reaches from 3 meters down to about 20 meters but snorkelling it was hardly visible. This i something you want to discover while diving.

Third stop was „Coral Garden“ but I have to say, the corals looked healthy but not too special. I have seen better. I know… I’m spoiled 😉

Last stop was „Twin Lagoons“ and again the photos from the wet GoPro over water had droplets in them ALL the time. Hardly any photo is worth writing home about so I only post a few here.

It was a fun day round Coron and I can only recommend choosing one of the many tours. I’m not sure if it is worth doing more than two tours though. The location names change but basically it is always the same. Water, coral, lagoons, rocks and beaches 😉

The town has a few good restaurants we checked out but they were all rather o the higher end of the price list (at least compared to other areas in the Philippines).

The last night we didn’t do much because we found out that the hostel offered cable TV and Game Of Thrones Season 8 had just started streaming at HBO. So we bought up on the latest episodes of my favourite TV series.

The next morning we were of to the airport to bring us to Manila, where we had to wait 3-4 hours for our connection flight to Bangkok.

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