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El Nido

At last we set „sail“ to El Nido! I was very excited to go here as it is said to be the best place in the Philippines. I was eager to find out if that is true.

Getting there efficiently was not so easy though. The typical way of opening „skyscanner“ and searching for flights gave zero results… A google search was not so overly successful either at first but after a while I came across a small airline called „Air Swift“ . This airline is too small to be listed in the standard flight search engines everybody uses these days but they do offer different routes and destinations all together. So all of a sudden something that seemed impossible before suddenly became possible, to fly from Tagbilaran/Panglao to El Nido directly and skip a 6 hour bus ride from Puerto Princessa to El Nido.

So off we went and had great weather ahead of us 🙂

Upon landing we stumbled across the baggage claim conveyor belt or rather baggage hand out zone 😉 How cute.

This is the view from the hostels restaurant and sadly it shows the weather we had the following 4 days… rain, rain and again rain. Luckily the rain would stop once in a while and somehow only stay over El Nido town!

El Nido does have a nice beach but not nice enough to stay there for longer.

Markus and I agreed that staying in the hostel due to bad weather was a waste of time so we rented ourselves some scooters and went north to Mariposa Beach which we had for our self and strangely enough… no rain at all. I thought I didn’T need sunscreen anymore with thick clouds and a good tan but boy was I wrong… did the sun burn my face…

We continued south to Duli Beach, which is a little more popular especially with surfers. Later we went to Nacpan Beach, a super popular beach slightly south of Duli Beach.

The next da I was glad we spent the most time on a boar and in the water. We booked ourselves a lagoon/island tour.

These sharp little corals are not to be messes around with! I accidentally scratched my foot on one of those spiky ones and I cannot recommend doing it. It hurts and can get infected easily. The first few days it looked like I would get an infection but luckily I didn’t and the little scratches healed quite well.

Somehow the lagoons are surrounded by spiky sharp things that are better not touched 😉

Sadly a GoPro is either used fully submerged as a under water camera or fully dry as an action cam but not in and out of the water… Many photos I did that day look terrible due to water droplets in front of the lens as can be seen in the picture below. It was a very nice „Hidden Beach“ so I wanted to post it anyway, regardless of its quality.

After four rainy days we were happy to board a ferry and go to Coron, an island about 3h north of El Nido hoping for better weather. The next morning when we had to check out, it was raining cats and dogs again! We prepared everything agains the rain and hoped for the best but I would later find out rain covers of backpacks only protect so much… My camera bag got wet!!! NOOO!

Even in the inside the bag got wet but lucky me, I had Silica Gel pads inside that stacked up a lot of the water and prevented anything from drowning. My camera and everything else in the bag still works.

So I am now happy to say, I left El Nido. I was hoping for a great experience there and well… it was a little disappointing due to the weather. It is beginning of the rainy season, I was told, so this is what you get if you dare to travel Southeast Asia at the wrong time.

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