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Tarsier Sanctuary

The next day we wanted to see the Chocolate Hills and on the way was Tarsier Sanctuary. Tarsiers cute little, monkey-like animals with huge eyes that can turn their head 360 degrees but their eyes stay fixed in their socket. With their frosh-like fingers they do look a little creepy but overall still very cute.

They also have a devil-ish aspect to them when they have their eyes half closed as you can see in this photo.

And as always… you don’t have the attractions for ourself and it isn’t in the wilderness as most images may suggest. Below you see a few tourists that gathered around a spot where a Tarsier was seen.

We have been told, that the sanctuary employers go out into the jungle every morning to find them (suggesting that the would lead the tourists to the new hiding place) but I bet it’s a little different. They do look for them alright, but once they have spotted them they move the little fellows over to the old spot so the barricades do not have to be rebuilt and the „hidding places“ can easily be memorised and found again 😉

Overall, it was nice to see these little cute fellows.

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