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Chocolate Hills – Bohol

After visiting the Tarsiers we drove through „Man made Forest“. This forest is very popular amongst locals and tourists alike. Everybody stops to take a few images of themselves standing in the middle of the street and posing in what is really a nice forest. I don’t know if it really is „man made“ or if the name was an invention to attract tourists into the area but anyway, it was beautiful.

As always I try to take pictures without tourists and even though it was challenging here, I did manage 🙂

On we went to the beautiful landscape of Bohol island towards the Chocolate Hills. It got late already which gave us the opportunity to take photos at the best time of the day – Golden Hour and sunset!

Chocolate Hills have their name due to them being prominent hills in a rather flat environment and, at least in the dry season, looking brown. In rainy season the hills are lush and green and don’t look much like their names would suggest. We were in luck and came at the right time and right season 😉

Turning around we could witness a beautiful sunset

On our way back things got a little dark and therefore no photos from our way back. We were happy we made it back in one piece and our eyes still healthy. In some places you get a helmet together with your rental scooter but rarely do they come with a visor to protect you eyes. Sunglasses are your best friend… except at dusk and especially at night. In the end it was a fantastic day and we really got to see a lot of Bohol due to riding a scooter. WAY TO GO!

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