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Panglao and Bohol

After the whale shark event we quickly got ready to take a ferry to Panglao and not waste any time in Oslob as there really isn’t anything to see other than whalesharks.

Panglao is a small island in the south connected to Bohol via two bridges.

In Panglao we went to Alona Beach and had a first look if it could compare to White Beach in Boracay. It has it’s similarities with beachfront restaurants and bars and a small esplanade but it was not as lively as Boracay and the beach was not as nice either.

We stayed in a hostel in Panglao but later moved to a nice little hotel at the river front and went for a swim (after we were told „no crocodiles and no piranhas here“ 😉 )

We also went to Anda Beach, which was said to be the nicest beach in Bohol and I recorded a time-lapse of the road trip to give an impression on how the environment looks like around here.

Anda Beach was nice but very crowded. I guess I am already spoiled by other beaches that are simply way nicer. Very high on my list is White Beach in Boracay (despite its popularity)!

We did find some nicer spots not too far away though 😉

It wasn’t too bad but we still went on and found another nice beach… sadly a private beach owned by a resort.

They built themselves a little island and a bar on top to entertain their guests. I found that quite nice but sadly only accessible for guests of the resort.

The next day we did another day trip with our scooters and went west to see the other side of the island. We were told there was a very sketchy bamboo bridge that only the brave would cross… Naturally we had to find it 😉

On our way we saw some really nice landscape…

…and some oddities as well, like this truck in the river that nobody cared to pull out. The driver must have thought the bridge was safe for him to cross and then sh*t happened.

Or a sign telling us that Alburquerque is 10,500 KM away 😀

Sevilla was on our chosen way and we were very curious if it would hold up to its beautiful sister city in Spain but I had a feeling it would look a „little different“… and it sure did!

and it sure did!

We finally hit the spot where the legendary bamboo bridge was. Indiana Jones like we were careful stepping on it and it sure was sketchy! It bounced around like a headless chicken but we pulled ourselves together and…

…I even did a selfie!

The bridge in all it’s glory

and of course we crossed over to the other side 😉

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