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Canyoning in Badian

We stayed the night in Moalboal, a place very close to Badian where we wanted to go Canyoning. It was the first time for me and I didn’t know quite what to expect. So first we took a ride up the mountain and after a short briefing we walked to the canyon entrance.

The view was spectacular but it was also very hot and I couldn’t wait to cool of in the water.

A quick hike down again…

… still not knowing what to expect but fully equipped.

we finally reached the entrance.

A quick selfie in case we wouldn’t make it out alive 😉

and then we continued stream downwards and did our first jump.

Here I was a little insecure at first, I couldn’t really see the safest spot to jump into so I needed to asked but eventually I…

in between we walked some parts beside the stream to get to waterfalls where higher jumps could be done… if you dare 😉

Here is Markus jumping first from what they told us is a 12 meter jump.

Later I did the same jump and thought it would be a good idea to film myself while jumping but that video turned out to be unwatchable… so instead a photo made by my cousin must do the job.

There was one more jump we were told we could do (if we dare) and it would be even higher. So we went for a little walk again until we hit the spot. I… brave as I was… jumped first! At first it didn’t look too high but „mid-flight“ I realised it was a lot higher than the previous jump. In the video the jump is over in a second but for me it happened in slo-motion and took ages to reach the water 😉 It was quite an impact as you can see here (photos taken by my cousin).

I even touched the ground of the pool with my feet, you can see the in the video, again filming myself with a „ohh so dangerous selfie stick“ (I was told at Denpasar Airport in Bali I need to check-in my selfie stick together with my check-in luggage. Carry on is not possible. WTF to that!!)

That was the last jump for this tour and to be honest I was glad it was. My first time doing canyoning and my highest jump was said to be 15 meters. The highest I did previously was 7,5 meters from a tower in a swimming pool back home, many, many yeas ago. Needless to say, I feld brave as hell – HAHA!

My cousin couldn’t chicken out so he jumped as well as you can see here, in admittedly a little shaky video. It just makes it more authentic 😉

We then walked a bit to reach the most touristic place on this tour, Kawasan Falls. A Waterfall you hardly get to see on your own and is not so easy to get a photo of only yourself in it…

but… with a little bit of patience one could swim towards the waterfall in the right moment and trust your cousin can take the shot before someone else enters the frame. DONE! CHECK!

That concludes this post and an amazing experience for me. Canyoning? YES! It is fun and it will not be the last time I did this, for sure.

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