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The second Island of our Island hopping tour was Malapascua. It is famous for its population of Thresher Sharks. This species has a very long tail fin they use to paralyse their pray with. Naturally we saw a lot of scuba divers there. The sharks are typically encountered at depths of 25 meters and deeper, so it is a dive for Advanced PADI divers. I am not advanced certified and Markus had problems with his ear and couldn’t equalise pressure under water so we didn’t go diving here. It is kind of sad especially considering the island had very little going for it other than diving and the beaches. These are some pictures of the rather unflattering centre of the island.

and some very smelly fish.

While the centre of the island is rather poor looking, the shores are really nice.

We also rented ourselves some scooters to ride around the island and headed north to the light house hoping it would make for some interesting pictures. I still need to get instafamous after all – HAHA!

Well… so much for instafamous 😉

But then you find some real gems as well.

This really boggles my mind! I have come across this many times on my travels: „please don’t through toilet paper into the toilet but into the bin“. Reading this here however made me angry… A friendly reminder to follow the instructions how to dispose toilet paper because a toilet is „not a trash can!“ but then…

… nature is?!?!

This is a little stream in Cebu city.

Considering waste disposal, the Philippines have a looong way to go. This is the worst I have seen EVER!

On our second day, we were lucky to whitness many locals in the centre of Malapascua who gathered for a cog fight. I have never seen one and was very curious on how this would go. Let me tell you, it is a brutal event beyond belief!

First of all, the roosters had a sharp blade tied to one of their feet so they can cut the opponent when they kick them with their feet, which we were told is their usual weapon besides their beak.

First a referee would take both roosters into his hands, face them to each other until they would start picking at each other and then set them to the ground. As soon as the referee let go the fight was on. Since this was such a brutal event, I only post one picture.

The roosters where picking at each other, flattering with their wings, kicking each other as if they had been enemies all their lives. The fight would go until one of the contestants would lie on the ground. The referee would then pick them up, hold them in his hands, again face them towards each other until they started picking at each other again and then let them loose. This would happen once or twice until one of the roosters was dead. I saw one rooster stepping on the opponents head while he was lying on the ground clearly giving up… and picking out his eye. In another fight I saw innards hanging out of one of the roosters due to the opponents blade having cut him badly. Not a pretty sight! So next time there is a cog fight, I can say „seen one, done that“ no need for another experience. This concludes my stay at Malapascua. Next station was Badian back on Cebu Island.

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