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Cebu City

Next stop was Cebu city with is the second biggest hub besides Manila and we didn’t really want to stay in Manila so Cebu City was the place. Considering the earthquake that happened in Manila around the time, it was a lucky but also great decision to stay in Cebu!

Sadly the city has not much going for it. It really isn’t interesting besides a few attractions left over from the Spanish occupational history.

Magellan was a portuguese explorer contracted by the spanish royalty who discovered the Philippines back in 1521 but sadly found his death in the Philippines also. Below is a cross that is said to encompass the original Magellan cross… if you know me, you know I doubt those broad statements but hey… proof me wrong 😉

Markus and I went on to the Fort of San Pedro which is quite nice.

We then just walked through the streets to see what we would find.

We found a local market that was a bit of a surprise. It was not quite what I expected but then it kind of was. The Philippines are not what you would call an industrialised country so everything is held a little more simple. What shocked me was that dried fish was stapled in baskets and smelled really bad… also „fresh“ fish and meat was lying on metal plates without any ice or any cover that would protect the from flies. I know why I stay away from seafood in southeast asia… I had a bad stomach for the 4. time now and I really don’t like the way these countries hands the delicate food!

If you want rice though, they have all sorts of it, like EVERY kind of rice 😉

we also found some random small street food places that I stay away from for obvious reasons 😉

This place was interesting as it said it would repair any kind of smart phone (right on the street).

What I found interesting are the Jeepneys, little busses or vans that were converted to busses and then painted to match an philippine like style.

We also took a ride in one of them. Not really comfortable but if you are the only two passengers, then it is quite nice. Normally there are 8 plus passengers sitting in the back of a Jeepney and then I bet it gets very uncomfortable.

This didn’t really shock me as I have seen this before in central america but it still boggles my mind how the electrical system keeps working. This is total madness! Maybe that’s why the power failed several times during the day/night in Santa Fe but that’s a story for another day.

This also falls into the category of boggling my mind 😉 This little „speed bump“ was across a walkway and everyone had to climb over it. Instead of removing it they built a hand rail to make the climb easier :D… HAHA!

If you have ever been to third world countries aka developing countries you know that waste management is a thing that isn’t really existant and needs to be tolerated but this really pissed me off!!! This is such a filthy place it is unbelievable…

The president of the Philippines once called Boracay a shithole, closed it down for renovation because of things like this but I would recommend he should travel a bit more in his country and fix things that really needs fixing. Boracay is far from perfect but this is simply raping nature! Boracay is far away from looking like this SHIT HOLE!

Luckily there are nice places to see in Cebu as well. This is Taoist Temple in Cebu and it really is a nice place. I can recommend it without a doubt.

We were told there isn’t much to see in Cebu so we didn’t stay long and continued to the north to Sante Fe island. I will tell you more about it in the next post.

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