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Diving with Mantas – Nusa Penida

In Koh Lipe I met a dive instructor who used to work in Nusa Penida and gave me some informations on what was to be expected when diving there. Now everywhere people tell you, „yesterday you could have seen ‚xyz‘ and when you book the tour for the next day and didn’t see ‚xyz‘ of course it was bad luck or a bad day but normally…“ This was different. The guy no longer worked there and he couldn’t care less if I did a dive there or not and yet he gave me this tip so I needed to find out. Sure thing, I should not be disappointed!

I booked myself into a nice and affordable hotel very close to several dive centres and booked myself 2 fun dives for the next day. We drove to Manta Point and Crystal Bay.

Mantas at Manta Point

Actually on this dive I only saw one single manta several times but it was very exciting anyway. The marine life is really great here so there were many things to see.

Here is Blanca, a girl from Menorca, my dive buddy for the day.

and someone you all should know 😉

Since my cousin joined me in Nusa Penida a couple of days later and we intend to commence our journey together from here, we did our first dive together and were even more in luck. We saw at least six different mantas and it seemed for half the dive they were everywhere.

A pure black manta and really big in size too.

Not so easy being at the right spot for a picture with a manta but with a bit of luck… Here is my cousin together with a manta.

and again

and last but not least, a selfie of us two.

I also had a dive at Crystal Bay but I did not enjoy it very much. It was very cold because of some unusual current bringing up cold water from the depth and at 20m the water was barely 18 degrees celsius. I did way less photos there and therefore cannot show any here now but… my selcond dive with my cousin was at SD Point and that was super beautiful again.

Diving really is the best at Nusa Penida. If you come here and you like to dive, Manta Point is a must! I dove with Sanctum Diving and with Octopus Diving. The first had very old equipment and every wetsuit was torn and had holes. At Octopus they said they have new equipment but well… it wasn’t new but it was way newer than at Sanctum 😉

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