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Ubud – Monkey Forest

I moved from lake Bratan down south to Ubud and booked myself into a nice little hotel. First thing I did was visit the Monkey Forest. These little monkeys are kind of sweet but you have to be careful. They are sneaky little thieves!

I entered the forest making sure I had nothing of interest to the monkey on me or have it in my zipper pockets. So only equipped with my smartphone and my camera I walked through the forest. I quickly spotted several monkeys, got on my knees to take a photo and in an instant I had a monkey on my back. As soon as I got up the monkey hoped down but I also felt my t-shirt being dragged downwards… A sneaky little thieve monkey was trying to grab my mobile phone while I was taking a picture of a second monkey and the third one on my back was distracting me. Luckily they didn’t succeed in stealing from me and I still have my smartphone 😉

I happened to come in a time a ceremony was taking place much to the liking of the monkeys as the frequently tried to steal the offerings.

It is a nicely made walkway in the forest that monkeys use as their playground

I even spottet a little family with a newborn…

and a cleaning of each other.

Since Indonesia is 80% hindu, there is no place without a temple

and another family with a super cute newborn

It was very nice and funny watching these little ones making their first climbing moves

This was a very pleasant experience but it can be totally different with these monkeys! The next day I went to the market and brought some fruits back to the hotel. When passing the monkey forest, one grownup and less afraid monkey sneaked up from behind, grabbed my bag, ripped it open and wanted to steal my fruits. I talked him out of it but then the hunt was on… only I was the hunted one. I quickly picked up a stone and showed it to every monkey that tried to steal my fruits and it worked, they have learned their lessons by previous encounters with humans who don’t just run away but defend what is theirs.

As a final verdict, monkeys are cute to look at and nice from a distance but I don’t like them… to sneaky, to greedy, to much of a thieve in their attitude!

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