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Jatiluwih and Ubud

On my way to Ubud, my driver brought me to Jatiluwih Rice Terrasses. That is one magnificent place, I tell you.

It was still in the morning but already too late to walk through the whole rice field… it was just too hot! If you intend to do the 3-4h hike, you have to start at 7 o’clock in the morning.

Close by the rice fields is a coffee and tea plantation I visited also. It was very interesting to see (again) how Luwak Coffee is being made. Besides the Luwak Coffee I tried several different teas also. In case you don’t know Luwak Coffee, it is the most expensive coffee in the world… The reason for it is that the coffee bean has to be eaten by the luwak cat, the bean itself cannot be fully digested but certain bitter flavors get eliminated by the cats guts and afterwards (well after pooping the bean) it has to be cleaned. So the bean is being washed, dried washed and dried several times until it is ready to be separated from its shell and then roasted. Once finished it can be grinded and brewed into coffee. Simple, yet expensive. Here in Indonesia a cup of Luwak Coffee runs about 60.000 rp (nearly 4,- Euros), whereas back home it is way too expensive to buy for normal folks like me. This is how the beans look like while still on the tree.

I booked myself into a nice little hotel with a private room, that was even cheaper the a hostel dormitory. Prices here can have a huge range, from super cheap to quite expensive for what seems the same quality.

In Ubud I found a little cafe that had two Luwak cats as pets (and of course as a tourist attraction. It worked! The place was well visited). Here is a sleeping Luwak Cat.

Of course as soon as I came close to the little cat (which is not little at all) it wanted to walk on m back also 😉

Ubud is a very touristy place and I can see why many travellers like it and also dislike it. It doesn’t feel like Indonesia anymore but it has some charm to it.

There are many cafes and restaurant you can spend you money in. You can also find many shops if you are in shopping mood and in the close surroundings you find a lot of waterfalls that are nice to visit. Then there is the traffic… I must say, that is the number one thing that annoys me in Indonesia. It seems everyone above the age of 15 has a scooter and the biggest thing to do in Indonesia is to show it off to others. The streets are noisy, packed and you can smell the exhaust fumes everywhere! It isn’t much fun walking the streets nore riding them but you have no choice if you don’t want to hire a driver all the time.

There is also a nice little market in Ubud and of course… someone has to drive through the little market streets with a scooter… even if they only drive into it a couple of meters, do their business and drive out again. SUPER annoying!

It is really packed in this market and not much room to walk through.

I found a very good spice stand and it seems I have to stack up on indian cooking recipes. I now have some Saphron I can cook with. Saphron is soooo cheap here, it really feels like stealing. A pack of about 200g costs around 4 Euros, so I bought three 😀

You can buy all sorts of things at the market and I enjoyed it a lot but I had to leave as my backpack is already full and I don’t have room for anymore souvenirs 😉

Throughout Indonesia you will see these gifts to the god everywhere. It seems there is a god for everything and they all ask for offerings.

Even the car god gets an offering…

But then again… rubbish everywhere. It really is a shame. This country is so beautiful but humans treat it really badly eventhough they have a working garbage removal system.

Next stop, Nusa Penida! I was told scuba diving is really great there and you have a very high chance of seeing Manta Rays while diving there.

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