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Bali – Pura Ulun Danu Bratan

In Denpasar, besides stumbling across this great cafe, I basically only tried to figure out how to get to the north of Bali where I could photograph the floating temple Ulun Danu at sunrise.

I quickly found a driver that would drive me there but as it turned out he was a very dishonest person. He told me the price would be high because it is a long way, it would take us 3 hours to get there, not many tourists would go there because there is nothing to see… BS! He also said he would show me places and tell me lots about the culture here in Bali. He then showed me his book with lots of recommendations in several different languages so I said yes. I normally would have ordered a Grab, which is very similar to Uber in the USA but certain communities in Bali forbid internet Taxis to support the local community. This makes getting around a little more difficult and getting ripped off lot more likely! As it turned out, he didn’t tell me much, we didn’t go to „several nice places“ and we arrived at the hotel 1 hour later. This ride cost me 700.000 Rupia (about 44,- Euros). What a scam! I found out later, that another driver would have charged me half the price! Well… too late for that now. I cancelled the return journey with the ripe-off driver and booked the ride with a different one that is a honest person and a lot fun to drive around with. Anyway, I arrived at Lake Bratan in the north of the island Bali, checked in the hotel about 2 km away from the lake to photograph the floating temple at sunrise (6:10am) outch! The entrance fee is 50.000 Rupia and rather cheap so I went there during the day time to get an idea of the place and where I would want to set up my tripod the next morning. So much for „not many tourists go there…“

So as planed, I got up at 5:30am the next morning thinking I am the most stupid person in the world to get up that early on a holiday but then I was on a mission! Floating Temple at sunrise 😉

I arrived at the entrance at 5:50am and contrary to what I was told the day before, no-one was at the ticket office and no-one was at the gate. Sine the gate was open I took it as an invite and thought I might as well go in. I quickly went to the spot I chose for my sunrise picture and was ready by 6:00 am. The result is the main image on top 🙂 and here is a shameless selfie when the sun rose above the mountain in the background.

Since I was at the temple so early I got the chance to take images without any tourists, what a bonus.

Eventhough I am not a morning person, I do have to say it was worth coming here and getting up early.

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