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Yogyakarta – the City

So the temples in Yogyakarta are really nice, a bit pricey but I would say worth their money. I liked them a lot! The city itself though I must admit I didn’t like much. It is very busy, just as Bangkok but even more chaotic… Also I don’t like the fact that Yogyakarta doesn’t have a pedestrian sidewalk in many streets and it makes experiencing the city by foot kind of difficult and dangerous… Cars would drive by at a way too high speed, crossing a street at a zebra-crossing was not what I was used to! Nobody stops… literally NOBODY until an officer blows a whistle and waves a flag to tell everyone to slow down and let a pedestrian cross the street. Traffic lights? Yes, every 5-10 km or so… 😉

It seems at the beginning as if Yogyakarta doesn’t have a city centre but it does. It is Malioboro Street (no it isn’t spelled wrong and has nothing to do with the famous cigarette brand)

Here we found a market place and also some spices to bring home with us.

Next we stopped at a bird market which to be honest was a rather sad experience. First I don’t like being birds kept in cages and the we saw other animals in cages as well like cats and bats. Some cats were so small and skinny, they would probably not survive long… Back home this place would have been shut down already by authorities but I am not back home and here things run differently.

We also visited another temple but this time the entry fee was cents instead of €€€ and also very nice to see.

At this temple we had a strange encounter. A local guide who claimed we didn’t have to pay him as he only works until noon showed us around and kept waiting for us at every single possible exit point so we couldn’t avoid running into him every single time. We quickly understood, he is guiding us and at the end expects some money otherwise he would not have waited for us all the time… We saw an opportunity to loose him in one of the alley ways and took the chance. I know… bad karma but hey, sometimes you just want to explore a place on your own without someone constantly following you around.

In the end it was an interesting day with mixed feelings and a nice view from the hotel rooftop-pool.

Markus, Claudia and Madeleine moved on to the Gili Islands and I stayed one day longer in Yogyakarta. For me my next destination will be Bali where I will meet up with Markus again about 2 weeks later.

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