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Yogyakarta – Prambanan

The second most famous temple in Yogyakarta is Prambanan and it was also my last day in Yogyakarta. The entrance gave me a small glimpse of what lied ahead of me.

Apparently a lot of Prambanan was destroyed in an earthquake and rebuilt 1918, damaged again 2006 by another earthquake. At first only shrines of which 75% percent of the original stones were present were rebuilt. Conservationists now used new stones to reinforce broken walls but to keep the temple as original as possible no engravings were allowed in the new rebuilt stones. Instead, all new stones were marked with a nail to show, this is concervationists work. Below you can see how many buildings looked like and still do.

Luckily the temple has been rebuilt to a state in which it is a heritage site I enjoyed visiting.

As mentioned before, there is no heritage site one can visit without vendors 🙂

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