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Yogyakarta – Indonesia

Singapore was nice but super humid and a little to hot for me. After 5 nights I was glad to leave for Indonesia and get some new impressions. Not that it was any cooler but still a new country for me. I booked myself into a 4-star hotel near the airport for only 25 Euros/night. What a steal! It was the same hotel my cousin and two of his friends stayed in, so we spent some time together and visited some ancient temples together. First on the list was Borobudur.

We left the hotel at 03:50, roundabout 😉 I would send anyone to hell asking me to get up for work at this unholy hour but when I am on holiday, it kind of seems alright. So we were at Borobudur temple before sunrise and I payed 475000 Rupia (roughly 30 Euros) for the sunrise ticket, which is really expensive if you think about it. A 4-Star Hotel costs 25 Euros, a very good meal for 4 persons sets you back 40 Euros and visiting Borobudur feels like paying 100 Euros entry fee to see a historic site. Imagine Castle Neuschwanstein charging 100 Euros entry fee per person.

So this was sunrise… or what nature presented to us.

Sunrise wasn’t what I expected but I was lucky a bit later as the sun peaked through the clouds for just a moment.

Obviously the sun was glaring later this morning and it was time for some selfies 😉

Later I strolled around and took impressions of this place I want to share with you.

It seems white skin, a long nose, being a head taler than literally everybody else makes me something like a celebrity and very ofter I would here „Mister… selfie?“

Also very obvious, it is absolutely impossible to visit a heritage site and not get harassed by vendors trying to sell you stuff you don’t need. The image below I find very funny because of my cousins expression „WHAAT?!?! That much?“… and off we went.

It was a great day and I really enjoyed it even if sunrise wasn’t what I was hoping for.

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