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Singapore – Little India and Chinatown

This day was supposed to be my lazy day but I still wanted to see a few things so I hopped onto the metro and tried to walk as little as possible. First destination, Little India.

On the streets you see a lot of indian looking citizens. The could of course come from other parts of the world like Pakistan but since this district is called Little India, I saw many indians and a complete different style of housing.

India felt very present here and the stores sold things nobody needs but at least they had different items to sell so it would make sense to have a look into different stores. I found an art shop, that would sell religious sculptures ranging in size from tiny to huge and in various shapes and forms and different materials. That was really interesting to see but sadly I was not allowed to take photos inside. Other stores didn’t mind.

Even pigeons went shopping here 😀

I found a market on the side of the street and the place really didn’t look overly clean. The floor was wet, probably from washing away leftovers from the butcher and the smell was also not overly inviting. At least the fish were held cold but I do prefer them behind glass showcases.

Meet was kept cool but then again not… not sure why but this is what you see in Little Indias food market.

This restaurant I went to twice! It is not cheap, you pay a very similar price as back home in Germany but the food was absolutely delicious. If you come to Singapore and pay Little India a visit, have lunch or dinner here! Make sure to order a Masala Tea, that one I will try to find a recipe and create myself, it was that good.

Little India was very interesting and I liked it a lot, appart from the food market.

Chinatown on the other hand, I found really disappointing. There isn’t much to see and all the stores sell the same junk no-one needs. I was hoping to see some craftsmanship, like I did in Miami – Little Havana, where I could watch how cuban style cigars were made but here… nada! Well, if life gives you lemons, make lemonade. I did my best to find interesting motive I could take nice photos of and that was about all I did in Chinatown.

This temple was probably the most interesting of all Chinatown…

Not bad for a lazy day.

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