My Name is Rene Scherer, I am a 3D Artist, Photographer and Indi Cinematographer working as a freelancer for various companies.
As a 3D Artists I focus on lighting and rendering with Maya, VRay and Arnold. Since I have a generalist background I also do modeling and texturing work with Softimage, ZBrush, Mari and other software packages.

As a Photographer I shoot spherical HDRIs, landscapes and anything interesting that I come accross while travelling.

1975 - I was born

1990 - First experience in photography
1993 - First experience with 3D content creation (3D Studio 4.0)
2007 - Start of my professional career as a 3D Artist
2011 - Major investment in professional photography equipment along with the desire to make pretty images

Today I draw from my experience, combine my skills to create pretty images - still and moving. I strive for efficiency and intelligent worflows to create what I like - pleasing visuals.

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